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I help business leaders become thought leaders.

As an award-winning, bestselling author, ghostwriter, or co-author of over 25 books,
I work exclusively with entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who are
ready to package their experience-based wisdom to help their fellow visionaries achieve their own full potential.

Your experience-based wisdom is where your significance lies.

Together we can bring it to the world.

Here's How I Can Help

Build Your Expert Brand

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Is this right for you? 

You need a strategy to elevate your thought leadership and brand recognition as you prepare for the next phase of your career. Your custom-designed plan will include: strategy; message and value proposition clarity; ghostwriting (books, blogs, chapters); public relations; list building; website development; digital marketing strategy; etc.

Realize Your Book Goal

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Is this right for you?

The time has come for you to build a body of published work. You have been invited to contribute chapters to significant anthologies. Or agents or publishers have been showing active excitement about your work. Or you have been telling yourself that the time has come to write your book.


You have confidence in your message and content. But you know that it's a wise use of your time to engage a seasoned, experienced writing partner and publishing professional to help you develop your material, achieve your goals, and make wise decisions.

Retain a Coach

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You are confident in your writing abilities. What you need more than anything is an experienced strategist and brainstorming partner who helps you develop your content and sort through the critical questions whose answers will make your branding a success.


You know that an experienced guide, especially in this new, unfamiliar world of publishing and platform building, will help you make the most of your valuable time.

Memo to Corporate Clientele

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Am I right for you?


You need an expert, engaging, experienced writer whom you can trust with your business and your reputation in the marketplace. You need an established creative collaborator who works well with your CEO and other members of your executive team. You need a writer who is already up to speed on your industry or profession, and who can deliver executive-level communications products written specifically for your target audience.


You want a writer who is an expert in leadership, culture, employee engagement, HR issues and concerns. You want a writer who is experienced in book and chapter writing/publishing; white papers; transforming sophisticated insider knowledge and concepts into engaging conversational reading that will convert your readers into followers and then buyers. 


Let's talk it over.


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