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Martha Finney


"You touch the future by your experience and example. I can help you extend your reach."

Gallup Strengths:
Ideation; Empathy; Intellection; Input; Strategic

Martha Finney is best known for her work in helping accomplished business executives and consultants identify and develop their message over multiple platforms. Her clients are thought leaders in the following areas of expertise: Leadership, entrepreneurialism, culture, employee engagement, human resources, and career management.

She is highly regarded for her engaging, challenging, exploratory interview methodology that challenges her clients to dig deeper than they expected, find new angles and exciting avenues for thought leadership, and identify fresh stories and perspectives.

Martha is also the author, co-author, collaborator of over 26 books, specializing in helping world-class thought leaders and executives achieve their publishing objectives. Her publishers have included Simon & Schuster, FT Press, Wiley, and Amacom. She has also written, edited, and produced several full-sized, self-published books.

In addition to English, her books have also been published in French, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Thai, as well as several Indian dialects.

An expert in employee engagement herself, her original research into the voice of the American worker has been covered by CNN, NPR, New York Times, Time magazine, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, Across the Board magazine.

Her clients and interviewees come from such companies as Caterpillar; Starwood Hotels and Resorts; Intuit; Central Intelligence Agency; U.S. Marine Corps; H-P; JetBlue; Southwest Airlines; Yahoo!; AOL; SAS Institute; AARP; Pixar; Avery Dennison; Xilinx; The Walt Disney Company; WD-40 Company; Doctors Without Borders, among others.

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