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Your Best Employee Engagement Tips Come From Your Sales Department

By Martha Finney | February 24, 2018

Employee engagement is the name of the game as we dive into 2018. Talent retention is your priority. And maybe, if there must be great talent on the move, let them be someone else’s and you can snap them up too.  (You know that carnival machine with blowing dollar bills? That’s what I’m picturing right … Read more

Little Hinges Part One: Essential A-Ha’s That Can Swing Your Second Phase Career Wide Open

By Martha Finney | November 11, 2017

There are a few sentences, movie lines, and aphorisms that ring my bell. When, for instance, Liam Neeson says, “I have a very particular set of skills, skills that I have acquired over a very long career,” that just sings to the career geek in me. He could be talking about cleaning out the gutters, … Read more

“I Don’t Want to Do This Anymore”

By Martha Finney | October 21, 2017

What you’ll discover:  Stop banging your head against the wall. If you give yourself permission to drop the old dreams that haven’t quite come true, you might open new doors of opportunity, new sources of fulfillment that will make you even happier and more successful.  All that hard dream-building work from your past won’t be … Read more

Transformative Storytelling: The Non-Narcissist’s Plan for Repurposing Your Past

By Martha Finney | October 16, 2017

What you’ll discover:  How to revisit the stories from your past and repackage them to create a thriving second phase career that instantly differentiates you from your competitors and offers true value to your clientele. Sharing is, well, you know….emailPrintFacebook10Google+0TwitterLinkedin

From Success to Significance: How Will Your Enduring Influence Take Shape?

By Martha Finney | October 8, 2017

Here’s what you’ll discover:  After a life-long career of organizational success and increasing leadership, you can repackage your experiences, beliefs, and passions to create a brand that will keep you uniquely in demand. Sharing is, well, you know….emailPrintFacebook7Google+0TwitterLinkedin

How to Stay in Play

By Martha Finney | September 30, 2017

Here’s what you’ll discover: You know you will eventually transition into the next phase of your career. Start taking these eight steps now so that your next best self will already be in motion — and in demand — by the time you’re ready to make the big jump. Sharing is, well, you know….emailPrintFacebook19Google+0TwitterLinkedin

Late-Career Job Seeking Advice Pt. 2: Flip that Frame!

By Martha Finney | September 26, 2017

What you’ll discover:  As an older job candidate, the differentiating, competitive edge that you bring to the interview conversation will open up all sorts of great opportunities. You just need to see yourself as the prize, not the supplicant. Sharing is, well, you know….emailPrintFacebook10Google+0TwitterLinkedin

Late-Career Job Seeking Advice Pt. 1: Stop Listening to Really Stupid Tips from Pipsqueaks

By Martha Finney | September 25, 2017

What you’ll discover:  When it comes to exposing yourself to job-seeking advice, it’s super important to consider the source. Sharing is, well, you know….emailPrintFacebook3Google+0TwitterLinkedin

Why Do We Love Outlander So?

By Martha Finney | September 19, 2017

What you’ll discover:  There’s a common drive that compels the characters of Outlander and inspires its millions of viewers, binding everyone to the cause of this great saga. Employers can harness that drive to serve their own company mission. Sharing is, well, you know….emailPrintFacebook8Google+0TwitterLinkedin

We Are All Change Makers

By Martha Finney | September 19, 2017

Here’s what you’ll discover:  How to position your offerings so that clients wisely buy from you, instead of someone else. Sharing is, well, you know….emailPrintFacebook0Google+0TwitterLinkedin

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