Build Your
Expert Brand

You have achieved a major milestone in your life and career. You have finally earned the right to call yourself an Expert in your field. You want to establish a second revenue stream based on your knowledge and experience. You anticipate a time when you want to have powerful relevance that long outlasts your last corporate role.

How do you envision Expert You Dot V2? Are you a consultant traveling around the world, delivering your best expertise for company clients that you're proud to be associated with? Are you a speaker, commanding five figures? Are you an author?  Do people come up to you and tell you that your book changed their lives?  (Take it from me: that's sweet!)

Are you giving online courses to a customer base in the six figures?  Are you attending and speaking at conferences that keep you growing and learning? Are you spending time with a new cache of colleagues who stimulate your imagination, make you laugh, and leave you feeling sharper and more hopeful for the future?

You have so much to contribute.  Now, the only thing left to do is build your platform and brand. The sooner you get that momentum going, the more effective you will be when the time comes to fully step out on your own.  When that time comes will be up to you -- maybe even sooner than you can even imagine now!

Get critical platform-building pieces into play. Start gradually; start strategically. Just get started.  Get that momentum moving.


Here's how this works

There are many moving parts that go into brand building.  We start with where you are. We identify your immediate goals and your long-term vision. And then we start laying down the building blocks to connect those two points.

What will we work on?  A new, refreshed website with marketing copy that speaks directly to your customers' needs?  A blog series? A speaker's program and media kit?  A digital marketing campaign, complete with lead magnets that build your mailing list with qualified customers? A public relations initiative? A reinvention of your entire offering to fit an identified unmeet need?  A deep dive audit of your goals and contributions will tell us what will make the most important change the fastest.

By the time you're ready to fully step out on your own, you will already be there. And the world will already know who you are.