Memo to
Corporate Clientele

I know what it's like to be you.  Here's your challenge:

  • You have a critical book, chapter, white paper, report that must be developed and written.
  • The key stakeholder of the project is your CEO, CHRO, a senior-most thought leader in your organization.  So you need a writer who is a true, seasoned collaborator in helping your internal client develop the material in a content-rich, relevant, engaging way. This isn't the time to be ramping up a newbie.
  • You need a writer who comes to the project already knowledgeable  about the material and how your particular message is new and relevant to your key audience.
  • You need a writer who can capture your client's voice, create a document that's compelling and informative, and that can persuade, influence, and convert.
  • You need a writer whom you can trust to represent you well with your external clients.
  • You need a writer who is a pleasure to work with, who knows how to work one-on-one with your senior-most internal clients, whom your clients can trust with their material, message, and insights.
  • You want to sleep at night, knowing that this critical project is in good hands.

I might be the right writer for you.

I might be the right writer.  Or I might not be. (My network of fine writers is amazing, though. So I might know just the right person to send you to, if it turns out we're not quite a match.)

Here are my quick highlights:

  • I specialize in converting esoteric, high-concept raw material into engaging, conversational reading material that will attract, retain, and convert your target audience.
  • I specialize in leadership, culture, employee engagement, entrepreneurialism, and career management.
  • I am the author, co-author, ghostwriter of over 25 published business books. I have been published by Simon & Schuster, FT Press, Amacom, and John F. Wiley & Sons.
  • I am known for my rigorous, engaging interview methodology, in which the client experiences a thorough and expansive investigation of the material we're developing. The result is an accurate capturing of the client's "voice," as well as fresh angles and insights that truly add value to the original content.
  • I work exclusively on topics and themes that promote building a positive, empowered body of knowledge connecting leadership with expanded potential (both organizationally and individually).
  • I will also work with you and your internal clients to repurpose your material in a wide variety of different formats, including digital marketing, speeches, etc.

Sourcing professional, independent writers can be nerve-wracking, I understand.

The first thing to do is check out my work in the Books & Chapters tab. If you like what you see, email me or fill out this form (I will get back to you inside one work day) to arrange a get-acquainted call.  And then we'll see!