Realize Your
Book Goal

You've lived the life. You've gone through the experiences first-hand.  Your point of view is backed up with validating experiences.  You've taken the journey. You've taken your company on a journey. You've got a duplicable process that will help thousands of professionals just like you.  You've got something to show for what you've been through.

And now you'd like to help others have the same success you're having.  Or you want them to avoid the pain by learning a few simple distinctions that you've discovered. Or both.  People keep telling you, "You've got to write a book!" You're pretty sure you want to. But you also know that you need professional help (not that kind of professional help).

It's possible that you have a bestseller on your hands.  Or at least a powerful book that will help you find your rightful place as a consultant with the chops or on the speaking circuit.

At any rate, you know that a professional collaborator experienced in both writing and publishing can help you close in on the dream and objective you've earned. You want the best because you know your message deserves to be shepherded into the world with a caring, custom strategy.


Here's how this works 

If we decide to work together, we begin the process with an exploratory phase. We lay down an initial round of interviews, covering your journey, point of view, or process from start to finish at a very high level.  This way we discover what your main themes are;  where we might need to beef up content with stories and/or original research; whether you have a full book or just a really great chapter that might go into an anthology.

This is also the time when we decide we enjoy working together and that we like our creative collaboration chemistry.  Should we decide to continue working together, we move on to the next phases, which include:

  • Creation and development of full book outline, chapter by chapter
  • Indepth interviews to capture content, your unique voice, point of view, stories
  • Review, editing, tweaking, review again, tweak some more
  • Publishing strategy (i.e., do you want to be published by a conventional publishing company?  Do you want to self-publish? I will help you sort through those choices and then take action on the direction you choose)
  • Book promotion strategy