Retain Me As
Your Coach

You are confident in your ability to write. You trust that your passion for your topic will keep you motivated.  Deadlines don't freak you out.  And the blinking cursor against the white screen is a friendly greeting to you on a cheerful optimistic day:  "Good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning."  Stress eating or chain smoking is what other people do.

Still, there are aspects of publishing and/or platform building that are mysterious enough to slow down your confident flow. You need a friendly, supportive partner on your shoulder who will help you think through the uncertainties and save you tons of time. Someone who knows how to give it to you straight, mixing kindness with candor, and a partner in generating some great ideas.  Two heads being better than one, and all that.

Here is where you could use the help of an experienced writing and publishing coach:

  • To help you develop your content through extensive, formal interviews, casual conversation, and ideation
  • To help you strategize ways you can use your content to build your platform while you're writing your book
  • To help you understand the whole publishing process so you can make the decisions that are right for you
  • To help you power through the "messy middle" when you've lost sight of the goal but you're still confident in your message
  • To give you valuable, candid feedback on your manuscript along the way and in its final version before it goes into production
  • To help you design your book promotion program
  • To talk you out of that Krispy Kreme run
  • To celebrate with you

Here's how this works

You get my best thinking and most devoted attention during a period of time, in which we establish a "this is what success looks like" goal.

For a set, flat fee, payable in advance, we'll work together on the phone, typically in 1 hour increments. Weekly is the most common frequency, but if you need more, you get more! When you need extra attention, support, or brainstorming, we'll make it work.